December 1999 Triangle UFO Reports


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                                                                        December 6th                 

                  “…a bright fluro coloured trail…”

12.41GMT Adelaide Australia +9hrs= 21.11 local time

Four eyewitness observed a bright light which suddenly ‘appeared out of nowhere in the sky’. At first it was mistaken for a police helicopter with it’s searchlight on, but with closer inspection they seen that it was a bluish light and not white like a searchlight. The eyewitness who reported this sighting states, "…it all of a sudden spurted out a bright fluro coloured trail…the same sort you get with a gas flame…that colour blue…it seemed to spit out the flame which made it move…and then again stopped…spat once, then twice, the flame came spinning out of its end and started to move off again. Then to our surprise as we watched, it just disappeared…” “...into thin air …” This reporting eyewitness also describes how this UFO, “...reminded him of a Star Trek like spaceship…” (1)

This particular eyewitness report of a UFO which resembled a ship from ‘Star Trek’ is interesting as well as echoing my 2001 account of a ‘gas blue’ they may as well be describing the alien spacecraft on NASA frame STS103-734-73.(2) The light trails were another feature that I concentrated my focus on as they were extremely pronounced and notable. I later went on to learn that these were plasma ejections. I even later discovered plasma bubbles at various stages of decay on the NASA STS103 Hubble images in 2012 on frame STS103-734-76.(3

                                                                                   December 7th

                                     “…bright star like object…”

11.30GMT Nevada -8hrs = 03.30 local time

This UFO observation was made by a motorist who was followed by a “…bright star like object...” This sighting event ended when the UFO then ascended rapidly at a 60 degree angle and vanished into the distant skies. After this encounter took place the reporting eyewitness later drove past Indian Springs Air Base stating that the base was extremely active, “ was like the middle of the was like all hell had broke loose…” (1)

                           “…three white lights in a triangle formation…”

14.25GMT Hilton Western Australia +7hrs= 21.25 local time

“…three white lights in a triangle formation…” were observed before they faded from view into the distance. 

                                         “…very bright white…”

17.45GMT Newport England

A star shaped object was later observed over Newport England. This UFO was also reported as “…very bright white…” and moved erratically in the sky.

                                                                                                                                                               “…a large white light…”

18.30GMT Gloucestershire England

Forty-five minutes later, another sighting was then reported roughly 37 miles away in Gloucestershire by a dog walker who observed a close range object, which first appeared to be “…a large white light…” silently approaching. The reporting eyewitness described this object as a “…incredibly large…” triangular shaped UFO which, “…had many different colours moving about inside of it...” and was, “…as big as an open daily newspaper (held) at arm's length. We're talking at least two feet across the sky...”

“…could be mistaken for a star – but it’s not…”

23.00GMT Royal Deeside Aberdeenshire Scotland

365 miles north, a motorist here in Scotland was followed by a UFO for half an hour before finally losing sight of it. This eyewitness states that it, “…could be mistaken for a star – but it’s not…” (5)


                  December 8th 1999

00.30GMT Naples Maine -5hrs= 19.30 local time

at least six “…Weird…” lights were observed around for at least an hour moving around in the night sky. These lights were reported to have moved around with no uniformity or “…general direction...” During this time there was “…a lot…” of aircraft reported to be present within the surrounding airspace. These UFOs are described by the reporting eyewitness as resembling “…stars…” which appeared not just “…weird…” but “…pure white…” (1)


               “…left a trail, similar to a contrail, but very different…”

02.00GMT Columbus Ohio -5hrs= 21.00 local time

Multiple objects where then observed over Ohio. The reporting eyewitness described a large very glowing bright round white light that “…left a trail, similar to a contrail, but very different…” Other smaller UFOs were also observed which were described as shimmering objects. This sighting also took place over the duration of one hour.(2)

                             “…warm white…”

02.45GMT Los Angeles California -8hrs= 18.45 local time While the sighting in Ohio was still being observed, a photographer in Los Angeles also observed a triangular shaped UFO which appeared a “…warm white.

                    9th December

On the 9th, multiple sightings of triangular or ‘V’ shaped UFOs were reported across three American states within a two hour timescale and later that day a further descriptive reference to a UFO which left a light trail was also reported in England. The first of these triangular shaped UFO reports occurred 01.30GMT in Millersburg Missouri.(1)

                                     ‘’very bright search lights’’

01.30GMT Columbia Missouri -6hrs=19.30 local time

An unusually low flying craft with two very bright search lights was observed. This object was a V shaped craft with two banks of lights under it, numbering 8-12 in total. It made no sound until it passed when a ‘’muffled sound’’ was then heard. This craft was reported to be moving at around only 200mph. (1)


02.00GMT Wisconsin -6hrs=20.00 local time

Thirty minutes later and 1500 miles away another ‘V’ shaped object with green and white lights was then observed by multiple eyewitnesses in Wisconsin.

               ‘’...It was triangular with very bright White and Red lights...’’

03.30GMT Missouri.-6hrs-21.30 local time.

Ninety minutes later another silent triangular shaped object sighting then occurred in Missouri. This UFO is reported to have had “…very bright white and red lights…” which appeared to move “…sporadically…” This eyewitness also states that these lights “…were larger than aircraft landing lights and much brighter…” (2)

               “…bright white star like light…”

EST 13.30GMT Cooktown Queensland Australia 20.00 local time

Another report described a “…bright white star like light…” was observed moving silently across the skies above Queensland Australia by several family members. Three further objects similar to the first were also seen passing in the same direction(3)









                 10th December

                    silent triangular lights

02.30GMT Michigan -5hrs=21.50 local time

In Michigan, another sighting was then reported of silent triangular lights which were observed travelling around 100mph. (1)

                                                                                     11th December

04.15GMT Columbia Missouri -6hrs= 22.15 local time

Another triangular shaped UFO was reported to have been observed in Missouri executing an incredible series of manoeuvres including an extremely rapid descent. This object then departed very quickly from the area at a 45 degree angle. (1)

                                                                              13th December

                              "…a mountain of diamonds brightly shining…"

01.15GMT Orlando Florida -5hrs= 20.15local time

Two people in Orlando reported more possible military involvement of when they witnessed a UFO which is described as "…a mountain of diamonds brightly shining…" stating that ‘a lot’ of aircraft were present which appeared to be circling the area. Some of these aircraft were reported to be flying at extremely low heights and they remained in the area after the UFO departed.(1)


                                                                       15th December


22.45GMT North Carolina -5hrs=17.45 local time

A motorist returning home after work then observed a low flying object which had very bright lights. This UFO was travelling at around 60mph and was judged to be only a few hundred feet from the ground. The eyewitness describes this object as an, "…elongated diamond shape (<>) and lights that were not at all recognizable as navigation lights…" adding that they were ‘’awestruck" by the event.(1)

                                                                                    17th December

                   "…glowing white like a star, but was larger and brighter…"

01.45GMT Sun Prairie Wisconsin -6hrs= 19.45local time

A white glowing disk shaped object was witnessed cutting across the skies above Wisconsin at speeds much faster than conventional aircraft. This UFO was also observed executing a sharp left turn.-A capability I also observed for myself just two days prior to this on December 15th This object was described by this eyewitness as, "…glowing white like a star, but was larger and brighter..." (1)


                           "…a triangular shaped object…"

02.30GMT Plainview New York -5hrs= 21.30 local time

Forty five minutes later, roughly 975miles east, back in the state, New York a motorist observed a UFO described as "…a triangular shaped object…" which had lights positioned at each corner.(2)

                    ‘’...a huge black triangle with lights on it...’’

03.00GMT Orangeville Canada -5hrs = 22.00 local time

Only thirty minutes later, 500 miles away, another two hour sighting then began to unfold. This event was observed by a father and son first noticing three bright lights moving all over the sky they pulled over and got out their car to observe this strange spectacle. This eyewitness also reported that every so often other objects would appear, "…out of nowhere…" and fly up to the stationary craft.(3)

(Like my encounter on the 11th) This reporting eyewitness also states that another two huge black triangular shaped craft were also observed during the two hour duration of this sighting.

Full NUFORC reporting eyewitness statement:

‘’My dad and i were outside driving and we saw 3 bright lights in the sky just zipping all over. We stopped and got out and the objects just stopped and hovered. Then there were at least 3 dimly lit spherical crafts flying and hovering all over each one of the crafts. Every so often 1 or 2 other craft would come out of no where and fly right up to the stationary craft. Then they would fly off and up into the sky till you couldn't see them anymore. About once an hour a huge black triangle with lights on it would fly pretty close to the ground just like it was paroling and up through the atmosphere. Then another black triangle took up a hovering formation with the other craft.’’ (4)

20th December

17.00GMT Villetaneuse France +1hr=18.00 local time

A triangular shaped craft was reported performing ‘zig zag’ manoeuvrers. The reporting eyewitness states that this UFO had four lights under it. One in each corner and one in the centre. The reporting eyewitness added that, ‘’ was really crazy and after 9 years i cannot forget this strange scene.’’ (5)

This eyewitness account clearly demonstrates that these triangular shaped craft are simply not confined to the United States. There were many independently reports that identify this exact same lighting configuration made during these four weeks. Worldwide triangular UFO sightings during December 1999 had already been reported in Arizona, California, Canada, England, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Scotland, Washington, and Wisconsin and also in France. (See triangular UFO footnotes and references)

At the time of writing Corroborating Evidence it remained unclear if these were extra terrestrial or man-made craft, although I was able to present the large number of reports identifying this kind of UFO in five different countries.

                                                                                 December 24th

02.30GMT Fulton Arizona -6hrs=20.30

Another sighting report details that a large black triangular craft was reported to have been observed moving slowly and silently at a low altitude before shooting off at speed.(5)

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