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The STS103 Redeployment Sequence.


The last time I explain this. 

NASA mission frames STS103-734-58/59 and 73 came to my attention in 2010. Fows rame 59 shows a blue white oval UFO. frame 73 shows  what appeared to be a structured physical alien spacecraft.  NASA stated this was a reflection. 

Two years later in 2012, while reviewing December 19th, the date that Discovery was launched to repair Hubble- I decided to go back and see if I could find any other evidence that showed this alleged craft.  I was looking for further images that couldween both images. in framing bet possibly help me put to the test NASAs claim about this object. I obtained ten images all taken in sequence. All contained anomolies. All ten.  After establishing the timeline of events, I began to examine these ten frames both individually and as a collective.

The directive was simple. Establish if this was a solid physical object or a reflection. After identifying details from frame 69, these were matched to details on the hull of the object in frames 73/74. After reviewing the difference in size, location and angle, i established this was indeed the same details i was seeing on these images. I also established from the framing of both images that the reflection explanation was not valid. It was clear that there was no was reflections could account for the dramatic shift in size location and angle, based on the framing and difference. Clearly the details on the hull of the object were directly mid frame, only much larger and straightened up. This was my first red flag that showed that something was in orbit. Having now established for a fact that the same detail seen on frame 73 appears on frame 69, i was now very suspicious about what was in this photograph. Ater establishing that the object  had to be in the frame- as the before and after shots contained evidence supporting this FACT, 

I also established that sunrise was occurring over Australias Gold Coast during the redeployment and this FACT is backed up  is backed up by NASAs own records.  Astronaut John Grunsfeld also comments how bright the interior of the orbiter is during that timeframe. Another FACT.

Knowing these facts assisted in understanding what is going on in the redeployment photographs. I knew for a FACT  Discovery and Hubble were bathed in direct sunlight and I also knew for a FACT  that the fabrication work  on the hull of the 'craft' in STS103-734-73 was also in frame STS103-734-69 but appearing much closer, larger and straighter than is seen on frame 73. These are unshakable facts.  

I dont understand what anyone would even want to argue against these very basic facts. 

After  enhansing frame 69 to reveal the detail in more clarity, the entire image was in turn edited to reveal 

an oval shaped object with a dark patch. As a seasoned photographer , i soon realised that this dark patch was not a feature but rather an apperition.  I soon  realised that this dark area was being caused by a lack of light hitting that surface area. Otherwise there was no logical reason for this dramatic color shift. When i finally clicked that this was being caused by a lack of light , the obvious question is what was obstructing that light from hitting that surface? Then I suddenly identified what i was seeing. Its the shadow of the barrel and lower solar array cast onto the hull of the craft. Thats when it hit me thatnot only had iI just established that NASAs claim was incorrect but, i had evidence of a solid physical object in orbit as i understood that if there was nothing there- the shadow would not have been able to land where it is seen. On August 31st 2012, i established proof of a solid physical object. Jari Mikola passed my findings onto Wilbur Allen who verified my finding. A second indepentant analysis was also carried out by Kia Stoffers, a digital creative artist, who further confirmmmed these findings. 

 in orbit. The reflections explanation was null and void in 2012. In 2018, i returned to review these images and completed a photofit of both frames 59 and 69, identifying the matching the detail to one i identified in 2012. I later discovered these were 'headlights'. In fame 59, the blue-white UFO is actually the big spotlight at the front of these alien space craft. A FACT backed up by NASAs own image record and scores of eyewitness testimonal record .  

In 2021, I went back to review these NASA images once again and expanded on my previous research, looking into not just the redeployment frames but well before the satelite was launched inback into orbit around the planet. The result was that i have now went on to uncover and expose a mothership of giant proportion in orbit as well as multiple alien craft. On June 10th 2021, I identified the shadow of Canadarm on the hull of the alien craft in frame STS103-734-73. FACT. But this year, i identified more than shadows on these images. After being now able to track the movement in each frame-including 66,67,68, i had now established there was a presence of an unknown craft in orbit going all the way back-as far as i have been able to establish-all the way back to frame 25.

Some six hours and forty minutes beforehand. The same lighting seen at the bottom in frame 57 is also present in frame 25. FACT. 

Lighted areas also appear at the bottom of frames 58 and 59. FACT. There are two  vertical lights  and there are numerous arches. Light is escaping from these two vertical areas and at the tops of the other ones. The numerous arches are all dark except two. The other ones are dark as there are figures standing at windows. That is why lights not coming through them like the other two. Closer examination revealed the silhouette of what appears to be a humanoid shape. When i realised this, my attention was drawn to the two wispy things at the top of the image. Having already established that there was lighting in frame 57 and 59 and realising these were entities at windows at the botttom of frame 58, the description given by  Eyewitness Mervern Noll described seeing a UFO which resembed a 'house' with a ''penthouse'' on top and yellow windows at the back snapped into my mind. It dawned on me that these two things at the top of the frame were also in the same craft- only in a higher up observation deck. Thats the moment i notified researchers Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson of my intention to have frame 58 rendered to see these two in more clarity. I was not prepared for the result. I called it 'Adam' and ive got an email from NASA confirming that the source image is legitimate.After having frame 58 rendered, I had the result verified by a second independant rendering of the frame and the results were the same. I then had frame 55 rendered as i was convinced the craft in this frame were docked or docking. The cube was exposed in frame 55 as well as frame 58. 

I did my homework folks. Like Matt Dameon in the Martian- I scienced the shit out of it.

illinois sun.jpg
JW ISD_highres_STS103_STS103-734-59_3.JPG

As i had anticipated, there were more frames containing this alleged craft. 

Now that i had access to the frames before and after frame STS103-734-73, it became clear that this object didnt just appear in the one photograph as I suspected. After establishing that this craft appears to disappear in frame 69 , it made no sense how it could be in the photos before and after, so i paid close attention to frame 69, trying to figure out this mystery.  Now, years ago i did a photography course and the knowledge i learned as a photographer came into play on August 31st 2012. After identifying  the details in frame STS103-734-69 and later matching them with the details from the hull on frame STS103-734-73 was one indication that the structured object in frame 73 was also present in frame STS103-734-69. This was the first of two indicators which told me i was correct. The second indicator was obtained as a result of my knowledge of photography and the relationship light and dark have with one another. On August 31st 2012, I realised exactly what i was looking at. It was definitive evidence of a solid structured object in orbit with Discovery and Hubble. The sun helped shed light on what I was seeing. In the mission highlight tape Astronaut John Grunsfeld comments how bright the sun is. NASA records state that the sun was rising over Australia's Gold Coast during this time. So, supporting facts from one of the astronauts on that mission and NASAs own records.  Further examination of these frames provided further evidence of activity around the orbiter in 2018 and again in 2021. 

I am now going to give you a breakdown of each frame. Starting with where i started off in 2012. Starting here with frame 66 through to 76

First of all. In NASA frames 66,67,68, the yellow lights were identified in June 2010

as originating from the hub of the spotlight on the craft seen in frames 73,74.

66 CROP.jpg

Above: The headlight of the alien spacecraft is exposed. The lighter 'snake' like features is the result of the lasers traveling across the hull of the craft.


STS103-734-69 exposing the cloaked craft and revealing the shadow of the Hubble Space Telescope on its hull. The 'headlight' detail shown overlapped highlighted in second image. So on August 31st 2012, i learned that the object seen in frame 73 was NOT  reflection and was a SOLID PHYSICAL OBJECT.


Left and Above: The position of the craft is revealed and still has Hubbles shadow on its hull. I have traced over the features  to show its position in this frame. Lasers can be seen in this frame without any editing required.  The above composite video is to show you where to look as it changes to reveal its presence.

73 shadow with canadarm shadow.png

The area i identified in these images is the left hand side 'headlight' of the alien spacecraft. In 2018, i located and identified the opposite matching headlight during Project Wheelbarrow This shape cannot shrink  from its size in frame 69 to end up away over where its located in frame 73.  It is not the interior. 

Above:The lights in frames 66,67,68 were identified as coming from recessed lighting around the crafts spotlight.

In 2021, the significance of these headlights helped me solve the Illinois encounters of January 5th 2000


ABOVE: STS103-734-74 cropped. By highlighting the available data in this image,I had the idea to perform a 50/50% ovrerlap with frames 66,67,68 after becoming convinced that the lights were coming from around this spotliight. This exercise brought on the first of two flashbacks and i was able to completely translate what was going on in the entire redeployment sequence, through frames 66 to 76 and now track the craft in all ten mission images. This first flashback also helped me to solve the Illinois UFO events of January 5th 2000. 

STS103-734-75 shows the rear back top end of the craft . The yellow area at the back of the craft is important

76 crop plasma.jpg


Although the craft is almost out of sight in this frame, noticable plasma bubbles in various stages of decay are now evident in this image. Knowing that the light trails from these craft were now caused by a plasma ejection, helped understand what these bubbles are.

76 crop.jpg

STS103-734-76 shows the rear back top end of the craft . The yellow area at the back of the craft is important. The trench that runs along the craft is also visible in this image. 


In 2012,I had successfully been able to determine that the object seen in NASA frame STS103-734-73 was indeed a solid structured physical object in orbit with Discovery and Hubble. By taking the time to study each frame in depth and understand its relationship to the other frames, the bigger picture emerged and the added knowledge about the sunrise over Australia and having reviewed the mission highlights resource tape countless times, I knew the orbiter was bathed in sunlight during the redeployment of Hubble. These facts combined with the knowledge i learned as a photographer, all helped me to understand that the dark area on the object revaled in STS103-734-69 could only be caused by a lack of light reaching that particular surface. Thats when I realised that theere were only two possible objects obscuring the light. Discovery and Hubble. Then It hit me and i finally understood what i was seeing when looking at this darkened area. Realising that this shadow could only be formed if there was a surface for that shadow to land upon, confirmed and validated the presence of this structured physical object in orbit and on August 31st 2012, i knew i finally had definitive corroborating evidence of alien visitation during December 1999 and had stepped beyond my initial mission objectives.

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In 2018, I went on to match the detail I had first identified in 2012 by making a photofit composite of NASA frames STS103-734-59 and STS103-734-69. In doing this, I soon went on to understand that I had now identified the front profile of this craft. I still had no real understanding of the significance of this discovery until June 2021. Earlier in my investigations, I had taken note of two UFO events which occurred on oppossite sides of the Atlantic on December 2nd 1999. The first event occured in Missouri at 03.000GMT with the second occuring just 55 minutes later here in the UK.  Both reports mention a triangular shaped ufo with ''car headlights'' and ''headlights''. The significance of these two eyewitness descriptions was realised in June 2021. 

STS103-734-68_3 CROP.jpg
73-68 with hubs.jpg

Above: A partial reconstruction of the front profile of the craft showing the 'headlights' and spotlight which are seen below . The spotlight is shown activated in frames 49,50,51,52,59 and the spotlight housing is seen in frames 73/74. Its the same big spotlight I stood under on December 4th and 11th 1999. @04.45GMT.

The lights seen in frames 66,67,68 were identified in June 2021 as originating from the sets of recessed areas spread around the spotlight. 

In 2021, everything all fell into place. Once I had the idea to sketch over the details on the craft in frame 74, it gave me the further idea to then perform another overlay composite with frames 73/74 with frames 66,67 and 68. I wanted to test if the three pronged lights seen in 66,67,68 were originating from what i believed to be recessed lighting in the hub of the spotlight housing on the craft, as seen in frames 73/74. The experiment was a 100% sucsess and i was able to unlock the redeployment sequence. Not only was i able to do that but in addition, i was now also able to understand its core design and overall function. I was able to  understand it as if i designed it. Is that not a bit odd? It was at this point i started to 'sit up' and 'take notice'. Now i really began to question myself about my encounters and began to understand that there was a whole deeper unconcious level of involvement on my part and the realisation that there was soo much more going on than i had previously been aware of. It was the flashback that occurred while performing the overlap of frames 73/68 that triggered a whole new level of deep thought. 

  Moving backwards to move forwards

I decided that now i had  completely translated the redeployment  sequence, in order to now move forward, the best way for me to do that was to now begin making my way backwards even futher in the evening to frames which had been captured as far back as six hours and forty minutes beforehand. So I started out where i first started in 2012 and began to work my way backwards from frame 65. I stopped at frame 21 and started to come back up through the roll.  It wasn't long before I came to frames that had caught my eye back in 2012 but excluded from my initial analysis, focusing soley on the redeployment images. After the flashback, it was abundantly clear that i had NOT observed 'bluish white' UFOs but had been standing staring at a spotlight on December 4th and 11th 1999. Then the time factor of 04.45 hit me, followed by the realisation i experienced 'missing time' on Dec 11th. 

So Suddenly, this simple overlap of frames 73/68 became so much more than a simple expperiment. It helped me unlock dormant vivid memories which brought me to realise that the probability of being abducted on December 11th 1999 was now a very real possibility. As June progressed, i was left to deal with this possible scenario. Everything made sense. Frames

STS103-734-48/52 provided me with the first pieces of evidence to solve the Illinois case. And in turn, the Illinois case also backks up what is capured in these NASA images. And there was me in the middle of all this suddenly realising that it was ALL CONNECTED. Atfer reviewing these frames, it became clear that in fame STS103-734-48, the Discovery was signalled by the craft who keeps its spotlight illuminating Discovery and Hubble. Its not the sun. The sun does not appear for another six minutes.

Now because i had the flashback, I had total recall of the experience

I also knew that the 'bluish-white' oval  craft in STS103-734-59 was a spotlight- the same spotlight seen at the front of the craft in frames 73/74.....I also knew about 'headlights' and I also knew about Illinois police officer Ed Bartons descriptions of the UFO he observed on January 5th 2000. So when it came to reviewing frames 48-53, it was perfectly clearto me that the big bright beautiful light seen in these NASA  images was coming from the spotlight of one of these craft as it approached Discovery.

In a momentery instant , I realised i had solved the Illinois traingle UFO mystery and understood the value of the supporting evidence that each case lent to the other. All events were connected. My events, STS103 and Illinois. All came full circle. 

Next frames 54,55 and 56 then got reviewed. This is where is esculated quickly. After eleven years.LOL! The yellow lights outside the orbiter were familiar and i later compared them against footage of UFOs shot over Lake Erie some time ago. 

Frame 57 contains the same details seen in frame 25, taken 6hrs 40 mins prior. These are windows on the alien craft which appears to have been docked beside Discovery during this time period. 



57 windows at bottom.png
57 crop.png

Windows can be seen through the meshing on the solar array and also at the bottom of the frame. Its a structured craft with windows. And its been docked beside Discovery for six hours and forty minutes. 

57 windows at bottom.png

Knowing that there was windows in frame 57 was a big help in sussing out what was happening in the next two frames. It was evident that there was a structured object in frame 57 as it can even be seen behind -as in -through the solar meshing itself, as well as at the bottom of the frame itself.  Having studied this specific time frame of December 99/Jan 2000, I was already well versed in the numerous UFO reports detailing bright star light objects that were observed during that same period.  Eyewitnesses were describing the spotlights on these craft. 

58 windows.jpg

STS103-734-58 Multiple  window arches but only two windows have unobstructed lightcoming through them. I realised the light was being obscured by figures standing watching the fly-by. When i realised that this a ship-(as supported by the windows in frame 57) , i realised that the two figures at the top of the image were in the same ship, only in a higher up observation deck. It was at this point i made the decision to have frame 58 rendered to see these figures in better clarity. 

Above: STS103-734-58 cropped.

Firstly I identified multiple arches, realised they were windows and light was passing through two but all others were obscured. Then I saw the defined silhouette of a head, neck and torso and realised enties were looking out windows as their ship pulled away.And the second I realised that these were figures in a ship, I realised that the two features at theb top of the image were also in the same craft, only in a higher up observation deck.  It was at this point I notifed researchers Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson of my intention to get frame STS103-734-58 rendered by a professional image expert.  Then I repeated the process and 'Adam' and his crew mate were formally identified. This is not the result of me drawing aliens. Im a bit too seasoned to be pulling that crap. As you can see here in this unedited but cropped portion of frame 58, notable features include fingers, head, arm, shoulder, head and orifice. I had this frame rendered to see if it was possible to sharpen this image and had the first result  verified by a second rendeing via another freelancer.Anyone who takes the time to have this frame rendered will get the same result I did.  And thats the very reason why i checked out my legal rights to protect my work and property and had the rendered image protected by Copyright as i want to protect my work from misuse by neferious parties intent on stealing my property Simples. 

New image crop - Copy (2)TTTTT.jpg

For the record: This is the entity i named 'Adam'. A side by side comparison of the original and the rendered image. After getting the first result back I was in disbelief and  had a second independant rendering carried out. The second result confirmed the first result. It is a true representation of what the entity looks like after the image was rendered at my request and expense. I was also convinced that there was an object in the background of this image but was also very shocked to see the cube mothership after the rendering was done. Further confirmation of the  cube was obtained after having frame 55 rendered as well. Its a mystery as to how i was able to ignore this specific frame and the details in this image. 

Frame STS103-734-59 also shows more detailing of windows at the bottom of the frame as well as a second image of Adam and his crewmate. Also visible is the bluewhite spotlight activated on this craft. Details on this craft were matched with details found on frames 69, 73,74.

New image - Copy (1).jpg
New image - Copy cube.jpg

The massive cube shaped mothership was only exposed after rendering was carried out.

STS103-734-57 shows windows at the bottom of the frame. https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=STS103&roll=734&frame=57


Seen clearly here are windows at the bottom of the frame. Another window is seen through the solar array meshing as well as between the barrel and lower solar array. 


Seen clearly here are windows at the bottom of the frame. Adam and his friend are still visible in the observation deck top left, while other entities stand at windows on lower decks at the bottom of the frame. The bluish white oval  UFO in the background is actually the spotlight at the front of the craft, as seen in frames 49.50,51,52. The housing or casing for this spotlight is seen clearly in frames 73 and 74. The  sporadic holes around the spotlight casing are recessed lighting which are seen  on frames 66,67,68.

STS103-734-57_3 hello.jpg
STS103-734-57_3 hello.jpg

On December 6th  2001 I spotted this and could not help but notice how this appears to be an entity looking out a framed window on frame 57. It does indeed resemble eyes , a face and torso,  similar to the skin tone of the entities in frame 58. 

Now lets look at frames 56,55,54. They are all interior shots. All three images contain three sets of yellow lights in orbit. Having observed UFO activity that same month, the lighting was already familiar to me and is also twinned with footage captured of two UFOs over Lake Erie. 

56 LAKE.jpg

Multiple sets of yellow lights outside the orbiter in frames 54,55,56. 

55 lake erie comparison.jpg
54 cropped.jpg
55 rendered crop.jpg

copyright JW 2021

New image - Copy cube.jpg

Frame STS103-734-58 (Rendered)

JW 2021

Convinced that thse lights were possibly  spacecraft, on a docking platform  and also in the process of docking- I was certain that there was a larger object in this image. I then had this frame rendered as well and the result is that the big motherships presence was  exposed once again, validating what was found on frame STS103-734-58 shortly beforehand.  Now we come to STS103-734-53,52,51,50,49. 

There particular frames not only provide beautiful pictures  but also show that big spotlight at the front of the craft in operation. And its not the sun. I checked. The sun aint due over the horizon for another six minutes. This spotlight is the same thing seen in frame 59. (On the object I identified as having an identical feature to the one I discovered on frames 69, and also matched to the hull of the UFO on frames 73.74.)

73 shadow with canadarm shadow.png
illinois sun.jpg

In June 2021 everything fell into place. The composite overlay i was preparing for frames 58 and 73 triggered a flashback to my initial encounter and everything came back in clarity. I could even feel the frozen air that filled that morning. I later went on to cross reference this STS103 material against the evidence in the Illinois case on January 5th 2000. The two datasets worked hand in glove and provided addtitional supporting evidence in each individual case. My own experiences as well as the data I had collected and discoveries made all added to my moment of clarity. 

The two cases of eyewitness accounts of triangle ufos with 'headlights' and the reconstructed profile i did of the front of the craft, combined with my 2012 and 2018 matching of these details, Ed Bartons descriptions and the details on this craft all suddenly all fell into place. It was all connected. This year i learned that for twenty years, i didnt know the extent of my encounters and i still dont but i know i was accurately drawing the entities properly for years. Not your typical alien depiction. Thats for sure. So I discovered futher evidence which backs up my 2012 and 2018 findings. Ive found hard evidence of aliens in orbit and people will start to have to start to get used to it. 

Im still trying.