Project Wheelbarrow

‘’Hi James, I repeat my three points from above. In particular I'd like to highlight that the form of "analysis" you try to perform is impossible on a compressed jpg image. And again: Having proof for extraterrestrial life would be way more fascinating than anything Hubble has observed so far. But there is none. cheers,’’                                                                                                                Mathias Jäger ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer

In 2018 I approached the Hubble team on Facebook with my 2012 findings only to get further told i had found nothing but reflections, echoing Marc Dantanios comments in 2013. Undeterred by this inaccurate information from former Hubble Communications manager Mathias Jager, i then returned to review the findings i have made six years previously in 2012. The review was given the title 'OPERATION WHEELBARROW'.

Going all retro with my line of thinking, i had the idea to go 'full blown crimewatch' and create a photfit of the 'suspect'. By combining the details in frames 59 and frame 69, i then was able to further reconstruct the front profile of this craft. Unsure if tthe function of  this recessed tube was an exaust venting port or lighting, suddenly an image of the Millennium Falcon entering the asteroid in the Empire Srtikes back entered my head and then i figured that space is dark and it makes perfect sense to have lighting at the front of a spacecraft. 

Project Wheelbarrow resulted in  the positive identification of these headlights on this craft but the true significance of this discovery was not revealed until June 2021 when everything all suddenly fell neatly into place and i solved the oldest question we have ever asked. 


Above: A photofit composite of NASA frames STS103-734-59 and STS103-734-69 resulted in matching the 'headlights' of the craft. The worlds most famous spaceship played a huge part in understanding what this feature was. It is the same craft observed by Illinois police eyewitness Ed Barton on January 5th 2000. 

illinois 101-88885.jpg
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