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An Open Letter to Joe Biden, Bill Nelson, Jill Tarter, The Director of Inteligence and the UAPTF

My name is James Welsh.

I am the author of Corroborating Evidence, 'The UFO Investigation of the Millennium'.I am a repeat close range eyewitness who has personally got involved in this subject since December 4th 1999. In 2012, I exposed and confirmed the presence of a solid physical craft in orbit , 323 miles up , that occured on December 25th 1999. I then published my findings in 2014. In 2018 further examination of the public NASA service mission records further verified my 2012 expose and conclusion. 

This summer these images were revisited once more and the search was expanded to include other frames taken earlier that night. 

The conclusions i have reached fly in the face of the Pentagon UAPTF report and prove beyond any doubt that we are not alone. 


The ongoing psychological operation to deny humans the truth about the true nature of the universe has been exposed. 

The UAPTF report now exposed as a lie or it is the biggest intelligence failure in human history. 

Bill Nelson you lied to the American public. Resign now. Today. 

Jill Tarter, take a look in the mirror. Seth Shostak , as ''goofy''as it sounds, there is a massive consciracy to keep back secrets in science. You were wrong by 100% Your comment was ''kinda goofy''.

Joe, please remember you have Irish blood and not that of a cowards. Time to be a man and address the world. 

The cat is out the bag and the cover-up of aliens and UFOs is over. For better or for worse Humanity has been awakened. 


James Welsh