Close Encounters of the False Kind


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Gary Heseltine was sent eyewitness evidence, documented written evidence and physical evidence on August 26th 2016. Left at East Gate was also removed from sale when Cosimo publishers decided it was not a title fit for their standards.  After an investigation they also concluded Warren embellished his story.

As you can see from his records Warren fabricated his records to place himself into the RFI events. Capel Green was announced after all of this was brought to Heseltines attention. Still think he has this subject at heart? 

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911 LIES by Capel Green superstar, Larry Warren falsely claiming he was a rescue worker at Ground Zero. In this clip descibing 911 victims, Larry terms them  ''poor motherf**kers'' . Larry did NOT work at Ground Zero. He didnt help get Metallica signed either. Or see entities or be taken to an underground base for a hamburger or a movie. He didnt see bionic deer and he didnt see the sun come up early.He did sell Beatles items that i learned were fraudulent and he did send death threats and rambled on a bit and had his co-author sever all ties and have three UFO titles removed from sale. 

Warren also liked to encourage others to commit acts of violence against myself and others and also never seen bigfoot during the time he never worked in the steel industry for years.