After accessing the STS103 frames and downloading them in 2012, I began to focus my attention on the frames taken while the HST was being released After setting aside the sequence running from frame 66 to 76,I then began to examine each frame and soon began to develop a much better understanding of what was taking place during the redeployment. After reviewing frames 66 to 76, i concluded that the object seen in NASA STS103 frames 70 71,72,73,74,75 and 76 was indeed present in frame 69 - it just could not seen properly until more exposure was applied. The small bit of detail that is barely visible  in frame 69 turned out to be one of the crafts two front headlights.

During my earlier invesigatiions, I had came across two UFO reports made just 55 minutes apart. One was a MoD report  from the UK, the other from NUFORC in Missouri. The significance of these matching features was recorded but their true significance was not realised until June 2021. I was repeatetly told over the years that i was ''chasing my tail with this one'' and had found only refelections and lens flares. I was right the whole entire time and they were wrong. I called this finding 'Kamino' because all of the evidence pointed to it being there even though it remained unseen. 

In 2018, PROJECT WHEELBARROW resulted in the positive identifcation of the crafts matching headlight, when a photofit composite was done with NASA frames STST103-734-59 and STS103-734-69

In June 2021 the significance of these headlights and the matching descriptions all played a part in solving the Illinois UFO encounters on January 5th 2000. After having the flashbacks triggered to my encounters in June, i finally understood all of this information and was able to finally piece it all together after twenty years.

The UFO question has been finally answered and the cover-up is exposed. NASA ESA, SETI all lie. The Director of Intelligence UAPTF UAP report is a lie. Its all a lie. You have been fed a lie. 

''Are you not mad? Im mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore. '' 



Above: The housing of the front spotlight.


The Temple of Horus. I use this image as an example. You would not know there was a temple there if it was not for the light exposing it. Its the same case with STS103-734-69,