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STS103-734-49_3 (2).jpg
STS103-734-52_3 (1).jpg
STS103-734-52_3 (1).jpg
STS103-734-53_3 (1).jpg

The evidence obtained in the STS103 mission images is also supported by eyewitness testimony from IIllinois police officer Ed Barton who went on to observe the ex

One of the most prominent aspects of my own sighting encounters was that I was observed under the bright spotlights of these UFOs on December 4th and 11th. In June this year I realised that on both occasions as I had been standing observing it, I too must have been observed during those times. This spotlight was also a prominent visual and additionally, featured throughout the numerous UFO reports that I had collected in the process of researching Corroborating Evidence. This spotlight played another important aspect of another eyewitness encounter which occurred eleven days after these NASA images were taken. All of this independent evidence was heavily intertwined. Illinois police officer Ed Barton stated that he also observed this big spotlight, as did other witnesses in Illinois on January 5th 2000.(1) The spotlight can clearly been seen activated on one of these craft in frame 59(2) and the actual spotlight fitting can be seen located at the front of the structured craft on frames 73/74.(3) After going further back through the mission frames, I instantly recognised it making an appearance on further mission images, captured earlier that evening of the redeployment. When the eyewitness UFO descriptions from December 1999 are examined against these NASA images, a much better understanding of what these people are describing can be gained. The combined evidence gathered in the eyewitness reports along with my own account and these STS103 mission images all compliment each individual case. In 2012, I regarded these NASA images and the discovery of the shadow of the Hubble Space telescope on the hull of the cloaked UFO to be the capstone to my earlier investigations into UFO activity during the millennium. In 2018, that discovery was vindicated and confirmed all over again after my brush with the former ESA Hubble information manager astrophysicist Mathias Jager,. In June 2021, the true significance of what these NASA images represent for my investigation was finally revealed to me. I was overwhelmed and broke down in tears, humbled by the unique position I was now in. I now knew and understood the weight of the responsibility now upon me. What I was about to embark upon would change the world forever.

STS103-734-48 Time Taken 21:20:51 GMT

STS103-734-49 Time taken 21:21:54GMT + 1 min 03 seconds SPOTLIGHT ACTIVATED STS103-734-50 Time taken 21.22.02GMT +8 seconds SPOTLIGHT ACTIVATED

STS103-734-51 Time taken 21:23:48GMT +46 seconds SPOTLIGHT ACTIVATED STS103-734-52 Time taken 21:23:55GMT +57 seconds SPOTLIGHT ACTIVATED

STS103-734-53 Time taken 21:24:01GMT+06 seconds later SPOTLIGHT OUT Total Time= 3 mins 10 seconds

The Illinois/STS103 Connection

ed 50.png
illinois sun.jpg
illinois 101-88885.jpg
yikes 3.jpg
yikes 2.jpg
illinois 101-8888.jpg
74 shadow with canadarm shadow.png

Above: The housing of the front spotlight on NASA frame STS103-734-73

illinois 101.jpg
illinois 101-59.jpg
58 windows.jpg

Above and below. Eyewitness Melvern Nolls descriptions of the craft he encountered on January 5th. 

Melvern Nolls descriptions of the craft match the details in frames STS103-734-58 and 59.

Above: Figures seen standing at windows in STS103-734-58

Above, windows seen on NASA frame 59/