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''This is a non starter and a non case''
Marc Dantanio
MUFONs chief image 'expert'

The Full Story

Corroborated Evidence is the result of further examination of the STS103 Hubble servicing mission photographic archives by eyewitness and author James Welsh. Having personally experienced  several very close range  (CE1) encounters during December 1999, an extensive investigation into the UFO subject was then undertaken with one goal in mind, delivering 'Corroborating Evidence' of alien visitation that backed up his written  testimony. While turning his attention to the STS103 mission images In 2012, the presence of a cloaked UFO was discovered on these Hubble images. The shadow of Hubble was actually being cast onto the hull of this craft. On July 8th 2014 Corroborating Evidence, the UFO Investigation of the Millennium was published. In 2018, further study of these mission frames was undertaken and more evidence was obtained. In June 2021, the poor quality content of footage being championed in the media, led to this research being revisited once again resulting in 'Adam'. -The 'Discovery of the Millennium'. The Pentagon report was published on June 25th. Its was a lie told to Humanity. Now on December 25th, the day these images were taken, James Welsh presents undeniable evidence that we are not alone in 'Corroborated Evidence'.

The world will never be the same again.

The search for life elsewhere in the universe is now officially over.

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